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Audio Visits
Burmester at 2017 Munich High End Show (1/2)

In the last 15 years,Dieter Burmester has repeatedly wanted to develop his own turntable. Based on his ideas and construction plans we developed the Burmester 175 Turntable. At our booth you get the chance to listen to the Burmester turntable in combination with the new BC350 Loudspeakers.
Montreal Salon Audio (Part 3 / 3)

Many didn't know. I used to live in Montreal in the 90s. It was like my second home in Canada. Had I stayed in Montreal, maybe our name would be "Élément acoustique". Nevertheless, Montreal is just the way I remembered. It's cold, it's snowing, but people love their music like I love my poutine.
Montreal Salon Audio (Part 2 / 3)

We came to celebrate the 35th anniversary of our distributor ~ Plurison, and for the first time, we came to visit "Salon Audio Montreal Aud...io Fest". It is also a great opportunity to meet up with many manufacturers and distributors in the East coast.
Montreal Salon Audio (Part 1 / 3)

The show just started today. And I want to congratulate the organizer for putting a fabulous audio show. And kudos to all the exhibitors for beautiful sounding room at the show. I see so many people attending the show with true music passion. It really puts a smile on my face, because it's nice to know we are not alone.
Mr. C's B&W system

I've owned a couple pairs of B&W years ago; 805, 804, 802, 801 etc. I always have the thing for B&W speakers; they are beautiful to look at and reasonably priced. But I gave up at last because I didn't think it sounds good enough. Mr. C's B&W system is by far the best sounding pair of B&W I've heard; including the notorious B&W work of art Nautilaus speakers.
Meet Touraj - the master of analog playback (part 2/2)

A big thanks to Touraj from Vertere Acoustics, and Rutherford audio, distributor of Vertere Acoustics. We had two fully booked seminars in the afternoon with total of 40 people. Touraj is a wealth of knowledge about audio. He not only shared his 35 years of audio design and engineering, but also his private collection of some rare test pressing and acetate disc.
Meet Touraj - the master of analog playback (part 1/2)

It’s such an honour and privilege to have Touraj setup and autograph our Vertere table. We went though details of his turntable design and he has inspired me in many ways what a good turntable is all about.
The arrival of first Burmester Phase 3 Loft in the world.

The design-oriented concept of the Phase 3 Loft Style incarnates the industrial charme of the modern lofts. With a strong post-modernism, and its simplicity; the Loft Style comes in character and style. If the Retro style is a classic Maserati, the Loft style would remind me of Mercedes G wagon.
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Furutech - NCF Booster Brace
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