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Element Acoustics is proud to be the Technics dealer in Vancouver, BC

Technics products do not simply produce sounds.  They play an important role in the music lover's environment, wrapping the listener in vivid and dynamic music.  Staying true to the fidelity of the sound is crucial and Technics guarantees to reproduce the audio signals as faithfully as possible while maintaining a clean, crisp sound.  

The new Technics products will aim to prove just how far the boundaries of sound quality can be pushed by technology.  

Being the leader in incorporating innovations, such as vibration damping materials, cabinet construction and insulators, Technics makes the reference standard for direct-drive turntables.

At Element Acoustics, we are proud to be the Technics dealer in Vancouver and the exclusive dealer for its reference turntable.

Vinyl Record (music) - Patricia Barber - Cafe Blue / 1STEP ( 180g 45rpm 2LP)
Mobile Fidelity - MFSL Original Master Sleeves
Integrityhifi - TRU-SWEEP anti static dust cleaner / sweeper
Vinyl Record (music) - Karin Plato - This Could Be The One ( 180 g LP)
VPI Industries - Concentrated Record Cleaning Fluid
  New Listings
Vinyl Record (music) - Karin Plato - This Could Be The One ( 180 g LP)
PRE-OWNED - Quad QC-24 preamp (DEMO)
Furutech - NCF Booster Brace
Vinyl Record (music) - Shostakovich: Symphony No.13 “Babi Yar” / Andre Previn (180g LP)
Vinyl Record (music) - Joscho Stephan Trio - Paris - Berlin (180g D2D LP)
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