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Products - Kuzma
Kuzma - CAR-20 (Aluminum cantilever)

MSRP 2299.00 CAD 1767.93 USD
Kuzma - CAR-30 (Boron cantilever)

MSRP 2699.00 CAD 2075.53 USD
Kuzma - CAR-40 (boron cantilever)

MSRP 3399.00 CAD 2613.83 USD
Kuzma - CAR-50 (Saphire cantilever)

MSRP 7499.00 CAD 5766.73 USD
Kuzma - Stabi XL2 / XL4

Our  aim was simple, ie. to spin the record in the nearest possible way to the master and to enable the tonearm to emulate the cu...

MSRP 36499.00 CAD 28067.73 USD
MSRP 48999.00 CAD 37680.23 USD
MSRP 3089.00 CAD 2375.44 USD
MSRP 4659.00 CAD 3582.77 USD
Kuzma - Stabi M

This is a modern turntable designed in a classic turntable style with the emphasis on  providing the best possible record playback...

MSRP 23999.00 CAD 18455.23 USD
Kuzma - Stabi Ref 2

This is constructed from two plates, each plate being made from a sandwich construction of two 10 mm aluminium plates, separated by an ...

MSRP 12799.00 CAD 9842.43 USD
Kuzma - Stabi S

Stabi S is our smallest turntable with a design approach normally found only in more expensive models. Its unique shape and construction ...

MSRP 2899.00 CAD 2229.33 USD
Kuzma - Air Line

Is a linear tangential arm incorporating  air bearing which ensures practically zero friction in movements, while still maintaini...

MSRP 13499.00 CAD 10380.73 USD
MSRP 13199.00 CAD 10150.03 USD
MSRP 13799.00 CAD 10611.43 USD
MSRP 14799.00 CAD 11380.43 USD
Kuzma - 4-Point

Differs from other  tonearms by introducing several new and unique features.  The new zero-play bearing is configured on 4 ...

MSRP 8299.00 CAD 6381.93 USD
MSRP 7799.00 CAD 5997.43 USD
MSRP 7799.00 CAD 5997.43 USD
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