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Products - HiFi Rose
Product Brand : HiFi Rose
Product Name : RSA 780 CD drive (for Hifi Rose models ONLY)
Product Genre :
Condition : NEW

Expand the Capability of Your HiFi Rose Network Player with the RSA780E CD Drive: Play and Rip CDs Directly to Your Model's Storage Device 

Play your CDs through the HiFi Rose RS150B, RS250, and RS201E network streamers with the external RSA780E CD drive. This custom-built drive also lets you to rip files to the aforementioned models’ storage devices. A supplied Type A-to-Type B USB cable provides all the connectivity you need. 

In RSA780E, USB isolator technology electrically separates your HiFi Rose network player from the CD drive for noiseless transmission while integrated insulators minimize vibration and distortion. RSA-780E also comes with a switch with two modes: Isolation Mode for high-quality playback via your streamer, Natural Mode for ripping CDs.

Please note: RSA780E does not support CD-R, CD-W, or SACD discs

  Hifi Rose RSA 780 CD drive (for Hifi Rose models ONLY)
Price (MSRP)  
CAD 599.00 Special Order
USD 440.27

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