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Products - Aesthetix
Product Brand : Aesthetix
Product Name : Rhea / Rhea Signature
Product Genre :
Condition : NEW

Aesthetix president and designer Jim White began his pursuit of the ultimate preamplifier designs over 10 years ago. Jim introduced his Jupiter Series of preamps in 1994. The Io phono stage and Callisto line stage became industry benchmarks, garnering recognition from The Absolute Sound magazine with a Golden Ear Award for the Io and HP Editor’s Choice for the Callisto Signature with dual power supplies. These incredible preamps use between 16 and 32 tubes each and in their ultimate configuration, create a six chassis 270lb component preamp.

Jim has now utilized his knowledge and experience to create the Aesthetix Saturn series: Rhea phono stage, Calypso line stage and Janus preamp. As you will see and hear, the Saturn series combines the sonic excellence of the Jupiter preamps in single chassis, beautifully styled, remote controlled components that elevate the performance of all high end music and home cinema audio systems.

Rhea Features:
• Three discrete inputs, allowing use of multiple tonearms and cartridges.
• Each input can have its own gain and loading setting that is saved even when in standby mode.
• 40–75dB gain maximum, selectable via front panel or remote control.
• 9 MC loading settings: 75–47,OOO ohms, selectable via front panel or remote control.
• Remote control of gain, loading, input switching, mute, and demagnetizer.
• Built-in MC cartridge demagnetizer.
• Two sets of XLR and two sets of RCA outputs per channel.
• All tube amplification and output (10 tubes total).
• Full function remote included.

Basic Features:
• Brushed anodized chassis and side panels. Bottom of the chassis integrates into front panel for enhanced rigidity.
• Top cover is acoustically inert and allows easy access for maintenance.
• The transformers are encased in a stainless steel cover that provides electrical and magnetic shielding in addition to providing structural rigidity.
• AC wires run from the enclosed rear receptacle through the channel up to the transformer cover, reducing unwanted noise and increasing clarity and dynamics.
• Audio circuit boards are derived from the Jupiter series and are dual mono, providing excellent channel separation for superb imaging.
• All the circuit boards interconnect with minimal wiring for efficient, reliable manufacture and shortest possible signal paths.
• Power supply design is derived from the Jupiter series. Two separate transformers, one for the high current, low voltage vacuum tube heater supplies and the other for low current high voltage, solid state and control circuitry. Choke input power supply on the high voltage transformer. All vacuum tube heaters are DC regulated.

Stereophile Class A recommended component! The Absolute Sound 2005 & 2006 Editor's Choice Award Winner!

Rhea phono stage—the ultimate combination with our Calypso line stage, dedicating separate power supplies and chassis for line and phono functions. Ideal for audio or home cinema systems using integrated amplifiers, separate line stages, or surround sound / processor preamps


RHEA     $8,100




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