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Products - Burmester
Product Brand : Burmester
Product Name : 948 Power Conditioner
Product Genre :
Condition : NEW

As a result of the increasing contamination of the power supply voltage, the current out of the wall socket is one of the weakest joints of a high-end sound system.

In order to prevent a sound distorting impact, Burmester has carried-out a fundamental long-term research: we successfully identified a miniscule direct current offset of a few millivolts in the AC-voltage. The subsequently developed Power Conditioner is one of our most innovative objects, also indicated by its patent.

The 948 Power Conditioner functions unlike any other conventional line filter on the world market. Basically, the 948 is a 500 W power amplifier that works in parallel mode with the AC power supply and, as an active system, compensates any DC offset in the AC mains from the wall socket. The 948 therefore influences the power supply from the outside, without constraining or reducing it.

Our patented circuit design does not limit the power to the audio system in any way and hence, allows very powerful amps, including several large mono amps to be hooked up to the 948. With common passive filters this would only be possible at the price of deteriorating sound. The effected sound improvement is permanently stable throughout day and night. In addition, the 948 offers four 10A HF filters, which can be dispersed to any of the eight power outlet sockets in order to keep interferences from the connected components. All eight power sockets are star grounded.

  Burmester 948 Power Conditioner
Price (MSRP)  
CAD 16528.93
USD 12000.00

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