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Products - Amplifier / Pre-amplifier - Multi-Channel Amplifier
Product Brand : ATI Amplifier Technologies Inc
Product Name : Signature Series (Super Class AB) Multi-channel amplifiers
Product Genre : Amplifier / Pre-amplifier
Condition : NEW

Amplifier Technologies presents our most musical, pure fidelity amplifiers with the Signature Series amps. Offered at two power output levels, the AT6000 Series amps deliver 300 watts per channel and the AT4000 Series amps deliver 200 watts per channel. Both series are available in 2 to 7 channel configurations. The Signature Series amplifiers are the culmination of everything Morris and ATI have learned about audio power amplification. The Signature Series Amplifiers are a “Pure Balanced” current feedback Class AB topology.

Available in:


AT6007 300W X 7 $17,884 CAD
AT6006 300W X 6 $16,095 CAD
AT6005 300W X 5  $14,305 CAD
AT6004 300W X 4  $12,516 CAD
AT6003 300W X 3 $10,727 CAD
AT6002 300W X 2 $8,937 CAD
AT4007 200W X 7 $12,516 CAD
AT4006 200W X 6 $11,264 CAD
AT4005 200W X 5 $10,011 CAD
AT4004 200W X 4 $8,759 CAD
AT4003 200W X 3  $7,506 CAD
AT4002 200W X 2 $6,254 CAD

Rackmount or standard faceplate at the time of purchase; this is a factory configured option.


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