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Products - Digital - Digital Player
Product Brand : Burmester
Product Name : 111 Music Center (DEMO)
Product Genre : Digital
Condition : PRE-OWNED

The 111 Musiccenter is a real all-rounder, and it can certainly do far more than a server. On account of its fully-fledged preamplifier unit and its integrated reference-level DA converter it can act as the central element of your hifi setup. Three analog and six digital ports are available to the music lover and enable a number of other devices to be attached. The preamplifier section is isolated galvanically from the server section in order to exclude potential interference from the server unit and the analog section with the integrated DAC converter. Like all other Burmester preamplifiers it is constructed on the basis of symmetrical circuit technology and has a completely DC-coupled signal path without capacitator interference. The sophisticated analog X-Amp2 output circuits obtain their signal from a reference DA converter section, which ensures that the sound is both subtle and musical.

The new Reference Line Musiccenter not only makes a good impression on account of its outstanding sound quality, but above all due to the incredible speed with which it processes very large amounts of data. Any track you select is ready to be played in a fraction of a second. The local player can be steered via the device itself, via a web browser, or with the help of a specially developed Burmester app via an iPad®. Wi-Fi streaming is also possible. A high quality rip of an existing CD collection can be created via the integrated slot drive. The database automatically detects and adds missing album covers and title information. Since forward error correction (FEC) on audio CD drives occurs only a few seconds in advance, old and scratched CDs can produce an audio data stream that contains sporadic skips. Unless appropriate countermeasures are adopted, interfering noise may well diminish your listening pleasure. When a CD is being read out or ripped (in contrast to being played) there are no real-time requirements, which means that audio data can be read out more than once. The Burmester Musiccenter can process these data on a very high resolution quality level and use them to assemble a data stream that does not have these flaws.

Your precious musical data is protected by two mirrored hard disks, each of them with a 3 TB capacity. One of the hard disks is the place where you save your music library, and the second one saves the identical information so that in the event of hard disk failure you can be sure that your data are always secure. The system hard disk is a solid state disk (SSD). Forthcoming updates may include optional SSD solutions to replace the current data storage hard disks. Your data are also safe in the event of power cut. The uninterruptible power supply (UPS) makes it possible to shut down the server in an orderly manner and provides the best kind of protection for the music stored on your hard disks and for the system stability.


Canadian MSRP = $77,000.00

  Burmester 111 Reference Line Music Center (DEMO 1)
Price (MSRP)  
CAD 35000.00
USD 25725.00
  Burmester 111 Reference Line Music Center (DEMO 2)
Price (MSRP)  
CAD 35000.00
USD 25725.00

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