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Products - Digital - Digital Player
Product Brand : Esoteric
Product Name : N-05 XD Network Audio Player
Product Genre : Digital
Condition : NEW

To the Future of Musical Reproduction

Total sound quality without compromise.  This has been Esoteric's core philosophy since its birth in 1987.
Now this zeal for excellence extends to the highest quality in music streaming, pushing Esoteric to develop a new network audio player -
one that offers listeners supreme ease in their musical enjoyment.
From DSD high-resolution masters to reacquaintances with old classics lying hidden for years in a corner of your CD library, all can be instantly accessed from your
giant music library, and all from the comfort of your listening seat.
Passion and pride invested in advanced technology and exquisite craftsmanship support high quality you can rely on.
Let the N-05 XD bring you closer still to the music you love, and lead you to a more complete sense of musical enjoyment.
Onward to the future of musical reproduction.


MSRP = $11,000 USD

We are exclusive Esoteric dealer in BC


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