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Products - Digital - Ethernet Switch
Product Brand : Nordost / Quantum
Product Name : QNet Network Switch
Product Genre : Digital
Condition : NEW

In the era of streaming and networked audio sources, your computer hardware must meet audiophile requirements. An example of this is the QNET L2 Ethernet switch presented by Nordost. Nordost QNET in a standard 5-port configuration, it has been specially designed for clear sounding network audio.

First of all, QNET will be remembered for the round shape of the sturdy black aluminum housing that shields parts of the circuit. It may well have shortened signal paths in a high-speed, resistance-controlled multilayer circuit. The developers also mentioned the optimization of signal paths.

They also talked about a low noise, stable clock generator designed to reduce jitter and phase noise. There are six separate power supplies inside the device. According to Nordost, the use of the Nordost QSOURCE linear power supply will significantly improve the performance of QNET. It is clear that it is also recommended not to use ordinary patchcords, which are quite suitable for onboard 8P8C (RJ45) connectors, – Nordost Ethernet cables are preferred.

  Nordost QNET network switch
Price (MSRP)  
CAD 3839.99
USD 3014.39

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