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I am a man of simple taste” says LN; “I am happy with the finest.
No problem; we only carry the finest.” Says I.

When we design this audio room for LN; we want to setup the audio system in the living room for the family and guests. The system will match with his existing speakers – Tannoy Westminster GR. The system has to look good, and obviously it has to sound really good. So we setup this system for the man with simple taste.

Power Amplifier Accuphase M-6200 Mono (pair)
Preamplifier Accuphase C-3850
CD/SACD Player Accuphase DP-720
Turntable Thorens TD-550 / SME / Koetsu Rosewood
Phono Stage Accuphase C-37
Speakers Tannoy Westminster GR
Power Supply Accuphase PS-1220
Cable Kharma + Zensati + Siltech
Rack Finite Elemente APS (has not arrived yet)

I would like to especially thank LN and his wife for their warm hospitality; It always brings us pleasure when customer loves our recommendation and setup. With the million-dollar ocean view outside of the window, a beautiful sounding system, fireplace (request of the wife, which is very important) and a bottle of Barolo; he’s a man with the finest taste.

IsoAcoustics - OREA Series
Western Electric - 300-B Vacuum Tube
Technics - SL 1200 M7 Direct Drive Turntable (Limited Edition)
Mobile Fidelity - MFSL Original Master Sleeves
Okki Nokki - Record Cleaning Machine - ONE
  New Listings
PRE-OWNED - Soulution 330 integrated with phono (USED)
PRE-OWNED - Estelon X Diamond (USED)
Burmester - Burmester 039 5 Channel Amplifier (DEMO)
Burmester - 100 Phono Preamp (DEMO)
PRE-OWNED - VPI Aries 3 combo (USED)
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