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FM Fong's Audio System:

CD Transport: Metronome Kalista Reference
DAC: Burmester 970 SRC DAC
CD Player: Burmester 069 CD player
Turntable: JR Transrotor Gravita TMD

Breuer Type 8  /  Triplanar Mk 7


Lyra Olympos i  /  Koetsu Jade

Pre-amplifier: FM Acoustics 268 mk
Phono Stage: FM Acoustics 222 mk3
Power amplifier: FM Acoustics 811 mk2 + FM Acoustics 115

Wilson Audio Alexandria X-2

Wilson Audio WAMM subwoofer

Stand / Isolation: Finite Elemente Master Reference rack / platform
Accessories: Furutech Pure Power 6

Mr. Fong has been an audiophile for more than 30 years. Everything you see here consists of his years of knowledge and experience. Audiophiles, including me, praise FM Acoustics as the ultimate reference for music enjoyment, yet the high price tag makes FM Acoustics rarely seen and mysterious to many. We thank AVBUZZ for this opportunity to share this one of the best systems in HK, China.
Mr. Fong’s audio room is 400 Square feet big; 17.5 x 23 feet known as golden ratio. There are total 15 dedicated lines going into his audio room with total power of 60 amp. 
Wilson Audio Alexandria X-2 has been with him for years. The Wilson Alexandria X-2 is also accompany with Wilson WAMM subwoofer. The WAMM has its own volume controller, and powered by FM Acoustics 115 amplifier; it takes care of 40Hz and below ultra low frequency.  
Mr. Fong’s JR Transrotor Gravita TMD turntable weights over 300 lb. His mounted a limited edition Lyra Olympos I on a rare Breuer Type 9 arm, and a Koetsu Jade on Triplanar. 
There are two digital playback: Metronome Kalista Reference + Burmester 970 and a Burmester 069 CD player, which Mr. Fong recently acquired. Mr. Fong personally prefers the musicality of Metronome transport, while he uses only the DA section of the 069 CD player to replace the Burmester 970 DAC.
All the main components are made by FM Acoustics, in which Mr. Fong earns his nickname as FM Fong. According to Mr. Fong, he could upgrade everything in his room, except FM Acoustics. He said, “once you like the sound of FM Acoustics, you are hooked. There is nothing else that can please your ears, except FM Acoustics.” His next upgrade would be the FM Acoustics XS-II speaker.
All components are placed on Finite Elemente Master Reference Rack
JR Transrotor Gravita TMD turntable with Breuer Type 8 arm and Triplanar arm
FM Acoustics 268 pre-amplifier
FM Acoustics 222 mk3 phono stage
FM Acoustics 155 power amplifier for WAMM subwoofer
FM Acoustics 81 mk2 power amplifier

Sennheiser - Sennheiser 820 headphone
Mobile Fidelity - MFSL Original Master Sleeves
Okki Nokki - Record Cleaning Machine - ONE
Focal - Headphone - Bathys headphone
IsoAcoustics - OREA Series
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Burmester - 111 Music Center (DEMO)
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