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Audio Visits

Burmester, every year, has the biggest room of the show, and it was always the spotlight of the Munich show (with a Porsche parked in front of the room).  This year, The fine sounds group (together with Audio Research, McIntosh, Sonus Faber, Wadia, and Sumiko) stole the spotlight from Burmester with its Pagani and huge showroom of their products.  Nevertheless, Burmester room still has incredible number of visits.  The Burmester room demo-ed every 30 minutes with door closed.  I, being a Burmester dealer, was shut out of the door the first time, because the room was too full.  With a bit of luck the second time, I was able to get into the room.  Although I’m extremely familiar with the Burmester sound, the big surprise was its new entry level 101 and 102 and B10 monitor speakers.  To my ear and at certain volume, it sounds almost as good as the big reference Burmester played – 111, a pair of 911 and B80 mk2. 

The TAD room is always one of my favorite; the TAD reference one, in my opinion, is one of the best sounding speakers.  However, I’ve heard a bit of miss in the other room with TAD speakers.  I guess it’s not only the speakers, but the synergy.

The CH-precision is a new raising star in the audio; starting from its super expensive CD player.  The combination with the Vivid Giya was extremely musical and precise.  In my opinion, this brand will continue to shine.

The speakers from Lawrence look similar Avalon.  When I entered the room, I thought they are Avalon speakers, but they sound quite different from Avalon.  The Lawrence speakers sound quite full and warm.  I didn’t inquire about the price, but they do sound great.

One of the best sounding room is the Absolare with Rockport Altair speakers.  Knowing the Rockport Altair speakers myself, I couldn’t believe a pair of 52W tube amplifiers can drive them, and this well.  Indeed, the Absolare mono block was able to handle the Altair.

The burmester room shows every 30 minutes, and always pack of people
The TAD in its own room sound great, but I thought a bit of miss in the other ro
The Giya and CH (ch-precision) combination is great !
Lawrence audio from Taiwan sounds really good.
52W driving the big Rockport Altair? sounds good to my ear.
Absolare amplifier from USA? Excellent control and power given it's only 52W out

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