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Many audiophiles often say that Burmester is NOT cheap.
I agree because I believe in the notion that you get what you pay for, and that is exactly the case with Burmester. Any Burmester on average takes 3 weeks to assemble and has to go through meticulous quality tests before it is delivered to its owner. Given it is completely made in Germany, the cost of German labour, combined with the high cost of ultra selective parts, jewelry-like construction, the best service and support in the industry, and not to mention the best sound in the business; it’s hard to imagine Burmester products to be priced cheaply. Once you understand Burmester, you may also say that Burmester is NOT cheap, but it is worth every penny.
It is Burmester’s philosophy to create products that are “Art for the Ear”. They are aiming for audio perfection, and treat their products as everlasting artworks. During my Burmester factory tour, I experienced firsthand what it is like when a company is built with one idea in mind, and it's the pursuit of audio perfection, and the uncompromising steps it took to create something that is truly extraordinary. Given Burmester’s popularity, and the two to four months waitlist it has for its products, I may say that Dieter Burmester was right in believing that there are many other audio enthusiast / perfectionist out there who share and appreciate his vision of “Art for the Ear”.
常常有許多朋友說Burmester 不便宜,我個人非常的同意。
因為好東西本來就不便宜。一台Burmester機器平均要3個星期的工作天,全部是德國手工製造。如果以德國人工資,加上Burmester 的用料,我想要Burmester便宜都非常的難。可是低價本來就不是Burmester 的市場。Burmester 追求的是音響的極致,也正如Burmester 的品牌理念 – Art for the Ear (聽覺的藝術) 。
也許許多人可能覺得發燒友(喜愛音響/音樂的人之統稱)是一群對音樂過於瘋狂的人,聽音樂不就聽音樂嗎? 那來這麼多名堂? 又是音場,又是定位的。不都一樣嗎? 那可就大錯特錯了! 發燒友代表的是對品味的要求。人人都有這品味的,而且人的敏銳感往往超出自己的預期。例如吃過日本Kobe Beef (和牛),就會喜歡那完美均勻的油花和鮮嫩多汁的入口感。喝過法國LaFite (拉菲)酒莊的紅酒,也能體會紅酒不同的變化,層次和深度。聽過Boesendorfer (貝森朵夫)鋼琴的演奏,馬上能分別他與一般琴做不出的氣勢。看過Leica (萊卡)相機拍出的照片,也會欣賞它特有光暈的柔和與美。這些都不需要特別學,人人自然會分辨並在腦中留下很深的印象。當我們知道差異之後,剩下的只是各人對品味的要求而已。有些人不在乎,有些人則是選擇有所要求。發燒友只是對音樂的表現有所要求。Burmester 音響則是為有音樂品味和聽覺藝術有所要求的愛好者所製作的。
事實上,我也發現多數發燒友不只對音響有所要求,對許多事也都有ㄧ種堅持。正因如此,我發現發燒友中不乏各行各業的成功人士。因為作為一位發燒友會有ㄧ種獨特的堅持。例如Burmester 老闆Dieter ,明明可以用便宜的零件作音響,他確要如此吹毛求疵,盡善盡美。這正是一種對事情的堅持和態度,這一特性好像是流在身體裡的血液一樣,改也改不掉。無論做任何事,都希望盡善盡美。有這種態度的人,自然很容易在各行各業出類拔萃。在這次的Burmester 工廠參觀中,讓我認識了不光是音響藝術的巔峰,更讓我學習到如何在一個行業中作為頂尖者所要具備的條件。當一切都具備了,完美也不再只是種理想。以今日Burmester 供不應求,正常供貨需要2到4個月來看,欣賞Burmester 的客人還真不少。


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