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Products - Accuphase
Product Brand : Accuphase
Product Genre :
Condition : NEW

Having been founded in 1972, Accuphase commemorated its 40th anniversary by releasing a next-generation beacon model, the Precision Stereo Preamplifier C-3800. It marked a major milestone and was highly lauded by audiophiles around the world as a tour de force in technological excellence, performance, and sound quality. The new Precision Stereo Preamplifier C-3850 continues the challenge and raises the bar even further, bringing together the entire wealth of preamplifier know-how gained by Accuphase over the years. In construction as well as circuit design, it incorporates latest technology realized with components selected through a thorough review process including extended listening tests. The result is an audio instrument that admits no compromise in the pursuit of peerless performance for musical mastery.

Conventional volume controls attenuate the input signal by

introducing a resistance (either using a rotary variable resistor or fixed resistors) in the signal path, and then amplifying the result. This makes it inevitable that–along with attenuation–information will be lost and noise will increase at the lower volume level settings that are normally used. By contrast, AAVA does not "turn down" the volume in the ordinary sense. Rather, it switches a combination of V-I amplifiers as required in order to directly change the amplifier gain and thereby achieve the desired volume. This revolutionary approach eliminates impedance changes as well as adverse effects from noise and other factors. Because there is almost no increase in noise, S/N ratio does not suffer at any listening level including the important moderate volume settings. Frequency response remains uniform and sound quality always maintains its full excellence. The C-3850 features a further evolved version

of this principle, called "Balanced AAVA", with two AAVA circuits driven in a parallel balanced configuration. This results in ideal volume control behavior from balanced input to balanced output. In addition, the volume knob and sensor mechanism fashioned with utmost precision from a single highly rigid aluminum block provides silky smooth operation with excellent tactile feel, and also improves the quietness of motor-driven operation. The entire path for all signals from the input connectors to the outputs is fully balanced, and signal purity is further elevated by the use of ultimate-quality parts and materials, ensuring electrical characteristics and sonic excellence of the highest order. With its no-holds-barred use of resources, and its bold realization of latest circuit design, the C-3850 is an analog preamplifier that redefines the state of the art and points the way towards the future.


Due to our territory restriction, we do not sell nor ship to USA.  

Price (MSRP)  
CAD 32000.00 Special Order
USD 22560.00

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