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Products - Acapella
Acapella - LaCampanella MK III

The dream of a loudspeaker designer is a single acoustic transducer capable of reproducing the deepest bass together with all the intrica...

MSRP 31000.00 CAD 22940.00 USD
Acapella - LaCampanella Alto MK III

In the constant effort in pursuing true and authentic sound reproduction Acapella has developed the LaCampanella Alto MKll using the tech...

MSRP 66000.00 CAD 48840.00 USD
Acapella - Violon MK VI

Acapella Violon MK VI is a consequent further development of Violon 1. In contrast to Violon 1 the Violon MK VI is a closed 3 way-system,...

MSRP 48000.00 CAD 35520.00 USD
MSRP 69000.00 CAD 51060.00 USD
Acapella - High Violoncello MK II

The Acapella High Violoncello MK II is a new development of Acapella. By the increased volume of playback, to further substantial gains ...

MSRP 79000.00 CAD 58460.00 USD
Acapella - Campanile MK IV

Acapella Campanile is a sealed 3,5-way loudspeaker system. Four 25 cm woofers are working in separate chambers and cannot influence each...

MSRP 80000.00 CAD 59200.00 USD
MSRP 104000.00 CAD 76960.00 USD
Acapella - Atlas
Acapella first used a hyper spherical midrange horn in the Acapella “Poseydon” and “Apollon” speakers. ...
MSRP 118000.00 CAD 87320.00 USD
Acapella - Apollon

Acapella has developed a floor to ceiling speaker that can be placed even in the smallest spaces with its slim housing.


MSRP 184000.00 CAD 136160.00 USD
Acapella - Triolon Excalibur Mk V

One of the exceptional characteristics of the Triolon Excalibur is an extreme range of dynamcis.

MSRP 0.00 CAD 0.00 USD
Acapella - Poseidon

The power of live music, the power of a great orchestra requires a speaker that can transmit without...

MSRP 0.00 CAD 0.00 USD
Acapella - Sphäron Excalibur

Developed from the "classical" Sphäron, the new Excalibur is raising to a new standard of dimension and variability...

MSRP 0.00 CAD 0.00 USD
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