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Products - Clearaudio
Clearaudio - Perfect Points (4 pieces)

Aluminum feet for your hi-fi equipment

Clearaudio Perfect Points are a versatile, flexible and highly effective dir...

MSRP 390.00 CAD 306.15 USD
Clearaudio - Innovation Series Stands

Clearaudio stands for excellent listening pleasure – and visual appeal. Therefore, we design our racks as highly functional home...

MSRP 14995.00 CAD 11771.08 USD
MSRP 15995.00 CAD 12556.08 USD
MSRP 17995.00 CAD 14126.08 USD
Clearaudio - Goldfinger Statement

New State-of-the-Art MC Cartridge with twelve magnets

The clearaudio...

MSRP 19990.00 CAD 15692.15 USD
MSRP 12000.00 CAD 9420.00 USD
Clearaudio - Titanium v2 MC

Another Clearaudio dream of perfect music reproduction is realised through the Titanium V2. It's massive 9-gram titanium body elim...

MSRP 12990.00 CAD 10197.15 USD
MSRP 7500.00 CAD 5887.50 USD
Clearaudio - Da Vinci V2 MC cartridge

da Vinci V2®


MSRP 8690.00 CAD 6821.65 USD
MSRP 5000.00 CAD 3925.00 USD
Clearaudio - Stradivari v2 MC

Stradivari is synonymous with the absolute master-class of creating musical instruments. Our moving-coil cartridge named after the maestr...

MSRP 5790.00 CAD 4545.15 USD
MSRP 3500.00 CAD 2747.50 USD
Clearaudio - Concerto v2 MC

All the design aspects of Goldfinger, Titanium and Stradivari are found in the Concerto V2: the entry-level into our New-Generation-Sup...

MSRP 4390.00 CAD 3446.15 USD
MSRP 2500.00 CAD 1962.50 USD
Clearaudio - Talismann V2 Gold MC cartridge

Talismann V2 Gold®


MSRP 2690.00 CAD 2111.65 USD
MSRP 1745.00 CAD 1369.83 USD
Clearaudio - Artist V2 MM Cartridge

MSRP 790.00 CAD 620.15 USD
Clearaudio - Statement V2

Based on this philosophy Clearaudio has been setting new standards in analogue music reproduction for more than 30 years. With their comm...

MSRP 229000.00 CAD 179765.00 USD
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