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Products - Clearaudio
Clearaudio - Goldfinger Statement

New State-of-the-Art MC Cartridge with twelve magnets

The clearaudio...

MSRP 22500.00 CAD 16537.50 USD
Clearaudio - Titanium v2 MC

Another Clearaudio dream of perfect music reproduction is realised through the Titanium V2. It's massive 9-gram titanium body elim...

MSRP 13000.00 CAD 9555.00 USD
Clearaudio - Da Vinci V2 MC cartridge

da Vinci V2®


MSRP 8850.00 CAD 6504.75 USD
Clearaudio - Stradivari v2 MC

Stradivari is synonymous with the absolute master-class of creating musical instruments. Our moving-coil cartridge named after the maestr...

MSRP 6000.00 CAD 4410.00 USD
Clearaudio - Talismann V2 Gold MC cartridge

Talismann V2 Gold®


MSRP 2850.00 CAD 2094.75 USD
Clearaudio - Concerto v2 MC

All the design aspects of Goldfinger, Titanium and Stradivari are found in the Concerto V2: the entry-level into our New-Generation-Sup...

MSRP 4350.00 CAD 3197.25 USD
Clearaudio - Statement V2

Based on this philosophy Clearaudio has been setting new standards in analogue music reproduction for more than 30 years. With their comm...

MSRP 225000.00 CAD 165375.00 USD
MSRP 265000.00 CAD 194775.00 USD
Clearaudio - Master Innovation

The 70mm-thick, dynamically balanced platter made of resonance damping plastic with a 15mm-thick precision-machined stainless steel sub ...

MSRP 46500.00 CAD 34177.50 USD
MSRP 53250.00 CAD 39138.75 USD
Clearaudio - Innovation

With the "Innovation" turntable clearaudio set new standards in High-End turntable manufacturing.

The ...

MSRP 17250.00 CAD 12678.75 USD
MSRP 16350.00 CAD 12017.25 USD
MSRP 19500.00 CAD 14332.50 USD
Clearaudio - Perfect Points (4 pieces)

Aluminum feet for your hi-fi equipment

Clearaudio Perfect Points are a versatile, flexible and highly effective dir...

MSRP 390.00 CAD 286.65 USD
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