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Products - Burmester
Product Brand : Burmester
Product Name : 077 Preamplifier
Product Genre :
Condition : NEW

The foundation of success for Burmester Audiosysteme was laid by the legendary pre amp 777, invented in 1977.

On the occasion of the company’s 30th anniversary, Burmester once again presented an extraordinary pre amplifier. The 077 aligns smoothly with the league of internationally awarded Burmester pre amps. Primary aim during development was to implement the tonal preferences of its ancestors, like the 808 MK5, regarded as reference for all pre amps worldwide, in a consolidated design. Its logical controlling guarantees relaxing listening pleasure, the clear lines of the design speak for themselves. Above all, the 077 impresses with its intrinsic values.

Belonging to the 077’s sensational features is the self-balancing phono-stage, which makes it possible to equalize channel-inequalities of pick-up systems. Thus, a perfect virtual sound stage can be projected into the room. The module slot allows the further integration of one out of four optional modules (Standard: Line Module) and makes it prepared for all contingencies. In addition, due to his integrated surround through put, the 077 is perfectly suited for an integration into home theatre systems.

Further unbeatable arguments of Burmester’s anniversary product are its new Burmester X-Amp2 stages and the advanced controlling via BurLink technology. This means, all functions may be activated via BurLink interface using media controlling systems like Crestron™ or AMX™. The 2-zone architecture allows ubiquitous applications. The 077 operates fully balanced, widely in class-A, and like all Burmester components is completely DC-coupled. It is available with internal or external power supply.


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