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Products - Tubes / Tube Rings - Tube
Product Brand : Tubes (NOS)
Product Name : Russian Military spec. Super Tube - NOS 6H30P-DR
Product Genre : Tubes / Tube Rings
Condition : NEW

This rare NOS 6H30p-DR Supertube includes gold grids and is the absolute top grade of the 6H30 tube type. To be certified a DR grade this tube had to pass lengthy and rigorous testing meaning it is much better than the 6H30P-EB or EV versions. Its original use was in critical space and military applications within the Soviet Union. This is the same 6H30 Supertube offered by Balanced Audio Technology as their premium replacement.

The 6H30 tube type is generally not compatible with 6922 and ECC88 tube types. The 6H30P-DR tube is also known as 6H30P-DP 6H30PDR and 6N30-DR.  These are extensively used now by several high-end audio brands including BAT, ARC, C-J, etc.

* These are probably the world's last source of genuine 6H30p-DR tubes.  They come with sealed original green box (like picture), circa 1980 - 1985.  With burnt date code on the tube. (NOT printed date code)

The REAL 6H30p-DR and the best batch of ALL.


  Individual Tube (per tube)
Price (MSRP)  
CAD 254.78 SOLD
USD 200.00

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