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Products - Amplifier / Pre-amplifier - Multi-Channel Amplifier
Product Brand : ATI Amplifier Technologies Inc
Product Name : Super Class D N-core Series Amplifiers
Product Genre : Amplifier / Pre-amplifier
Condition : NEW

Amplifier Technologies undertook an approach to Class D amplification with the goal of Class AB sonic performance characteristics combined with the efficiency of power and space offered by a Class D design. The results are the AT500NC Series amps. Offered at two power levels of 200 watts per channel from 2 to 8 channels and at 500 watts per channel from 1 to 4 channels, AT500NC amps deliver the classic ATI sound, power and reliability in massively compact 3RU chassis designs. The AT500NC Series amps incorporate Hypex N-Core® Class D output power modules combined with ATI input stages and linear power supplies.

Available in:


AT544NC 500W X 4 $10,727 CAD
AT543NC 500W X 3 $8,937 CAD
AT542NC 500W X 2  $6,432 CAD
AT541NC 500W X 1 $4,464 CAD
AT528NC 200W X 8 $10,727 CAD
AT527NC 200W X 7  $9,832 CAD
AT526NC 200W X 6  $8,937 CAD
AT525NC 200W X 5 $8,043 CAD
AT524NC 200W X 4 $6,254 CAD
AT523NC 200W X 3 $5,359 CAD
AT522NC 200W X 2 $4,464 CAD

Optional Short Rackmount Kit (AT522NC, AT523NC, AT524NC, AT542NC)

or Long Rackmount Kit (AT525NC, AT526NC, AT527NC, AT528NC, AT543NC, and AT544NC)


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