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Products - Pre-owned Audio - Digital
Emm Labs TSD1 and DAC2 (used)

EMM Labs is the company that Ed Meitner founded in 1998 to produce digital electronics for the professional market and specifically for use wit...

Marantz SA15 S1 SACD player (USED)

Up for sale is an excellent condition Marantz SA15-S1 SACD player.
Unit is about 4 year old; one owner.
No scratch or ...

MSRP 900.00 CAD 661.50 USD
Genesis Digital Lens (used)

Up for sale is a Genesis Digital Lens.

Rated 8 only due to age. The unit is very clean,and has always had a very positiv...

MSRP 0.00 CAD 0.00 USD
Jolida JD100A CD player (pre-owned)

Up for sale is a excellent condition Jolida JD100A CD player.  Gain stage utilizes 2x12AX7A vacuum tubes.  No op-amps.  Tw...

MSRP 653.06 CAD 480.00 USD
Benchmark DAC 1 - usb (pre-owned)

Benchmark DAC-1 USB version (black color)

8/10 rating due to few hair line scratches at top rear. Otherwise, great working a...

EAD 7000 mk 3 DAC - Deluxe version - (used) *

*****  SALE PENDING  *****

Up for sale is a EAD 7000 III Deluxe version DAC.

Unit comes w...

MSRP 590.00 CAD 433.65 USD
Krell SACD mk3 sacd player
Up for sale is a Krell SACD Mk3 SACD player.
It's the real Mk3, not an upgrade. It features significant upgrades with the transport fr...
Ayre QB-9 usb DAC (pre-owned)
BAT VK-D5 CD player
The VK-D5 has been among the best CD player with tubed output stage sin...
Krell KPS 25 SC CD player / DAC / Pre-amplifier
A MINT condition Krell KPS 25 SC CD player. The KPS 25sc provides advanced sound and convenient operation for digital and analog playback. It combin...
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