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Products - Pre-owned Audio - Amplifier / Pre-amplifier
Dartzeel NHB-108 and NHB-18NS (USED)

darTZeel was born out of one man's uncompromising passion for music and its reproduction.  The result of two decades of res...

Sonic Frontiers SFL-1 Signature preamp (USED)

We have a beautiful Sonic Frontier SFL-1 Signature preamp for sale.  It comes with proper Mullard tube that is designed for this p...

MSRP 650.00 CAD 510.25 USD
Air Tight ATM-1 amplifier (USED)

This is an exotic amplifier made by Air Tight; very rare in North America, with rich and seductive sound.


Kharma Matrix MP 150 - mono amplifiers (USED pair)

We have a pair of Kharma Matrix MP 150 mono amplifiers in gold color, and XLR input.

These are the high efficient class D ampli...

MSRP 3600.00 CAD 2826.00 USD
ARC LS 22 tube pre-amplifier (used)

** Sale pending **

Up for sale is a MINT condition ARC LS 22 tube pre-amplifier.  All tube signal path; ...

MSRP 1800.00 CAD 1413.00 USD
Hovland HP-200P preamplifier (USED)


Masterpiece of modern design and a reference quality pre-amp , the HP-200 is an incredibly well reviewed...

MSRP 4500.00 CAD 3532.50 USD
Hovland Radia amplifier (USED)


Up for sale is a very sexy looking - Hovland Radia.  The Hov...

MSRP 4500.00 CAD 3532.50 USD
FM Acoustics 244 preamplifier (USED)

One of the best preamplifier in the world made by FM Acoustics.  FM Acoustics is an ultra high end Swiss audio company in Switzerl...

Rega Osiris Reference Integrated Amplifier (USED)

Up for sale is a Rega Osiris Reference Integrated amplifier. Original owner, it's in like new condition, about 3 months old, origina...

Audiomat Arpege Reference integrated amplifier (used)


This is a great sounding Audiomat Arpege Reference integrated amplifier.


MSRP 1800.00 CAD 1413.00 USD
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