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Products - Digital - DAC
Product Brand : CH Precision
Product Name : T1 10MHz Time Reference Clock Generator
Product Genre : Digital
Condition : NEW

Timing in digital systems is the key to carry and to faithfully convert digital audio content. Why so? Let’s imagine that a digital to analog converter chip is fed from a clock containing a high level of phase noise, otherwise known as jitter in the time domain. Instead of being evenly spaced in time, the digital audio information converted to the analog domain is spread randomly around the ideal time, introducing undesired artifacts. The better the clock source, the lesser the phase noise, the more precise the conversion.

An ultra-low phase noise, high accuracy 10MHz oven controlled oscillator (OCXO) forms the heart of the T1, CH Precision’s first clock generator.


• 10MHz nominal frequency
• Square wave: 1V or 500mV peak to peak, selectable
• Sine wave: 1V or 500mV peak to peak, selectable
• 6 outputs, 75Ω BNC coaxial
• Transformer-coupled outputs
• Independant control for each output


• GPS input to suit the CH Precision GPS option
• 1 pulse per second (1 PPS) TTL input for external synchronization
• Ethernet for remote control (CH Control App)
• USB for firmware upgrade

Power Supply

• Dedicated ultra low noise, three-stages discrete regulated linear power supplies for each section
• Galvanically isolated power supplies for the OCXO, the OCXO buffer and the output buffers
• Magnetically and electrostatically shielded toroidal mains transformer


• OCXO fitted inside a heavy aluminum block for improved core temperature stability
• OCXO aluminum block mounted on soft silicon gel for maximum damping
• Power transformer mounted on silent blocks

  CH Precision T1 10MHz Time Reference Clock Generator
Price (MSRP)  
CAD 32287.58
USD 24700.00
  CH Precision T1 - GPS board
Price (MSRP)  
CAD 5098.04
USD 3900.00

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