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There were two small regrets that I had during the Burmester factory tour. One was that because Munich’s hi-fi audio convention just ended when we visited the company, a lot of equipment that was on display at the convention has not been shipped back yet. Thus, we were unable to listen to them at Burmester’s own demo room. However, we were still able to tour around the large listening room at the Burmester factory. The demo room is a large open space without many decorations or design to the space, but has the presence that the Burmester system brings, a sense of elegance and class to the space.
When talking about the beauty of Burmester products, the first thing that comes to mind is Burmester’s famous special metal chrome plating techniques. When it comes to hi-end audio equipment design, nothing is more luxurious and attractive than the eye popping chrome finish that you will see on all Burmester products. I have yet to see any other company that can compare to the chrome plating techniques that Burmester implements into their manufacturing. The flawless chrome mirror finish that is applied to front panel with the Burmester Logo curved in just brings a sense of finish that hasn’t been replicated by anyone else. This perfect chrome plating is also long lasting, undeterred by time or humidity. I have personally witnessed a 20 year old Burmester preamp with the same flawless chrome front panel as it just came out of the box. This exceptional technique was introduced by an established metalsmith who has given Burmester many years of service and expertise to the polished finished product that sets Burmester high-end audio equipment apart from all other manufacturers. The 2nd regret I have is that this individual is retiring and was not able to meet him during my visit. However, Robb Niemann told us that the old metalsmith has an apprentice that will eventually take over his duties at Burmester. The apprentice has worked under the old metalsmith for twenty years now, and yet still hasn’t received the approval of his master to take over his duties. The metalsmith said his apprentice is still five years away. Whether or not he meant it jokingly, it goes to show you the dedication to perfection and quality every employee at Burmester has towards the Burmester products.
這次來到柏林參觀Burmester 的工廠,有兩個小遺憾。一個是由於我們在德國慕尼黑音響展剛剛結束之後前來參訪,他們許多參展的器材還沒有運回來。所以我們無法在Burmester 的試聽室,聽見原廠的聲音。
不過Burmester 的試聽室非常的大,也是一個開放式的空間。看似沒有特別打理的空間,眼尖的我還是發現他們的電源有特別處理過。有沒有發現牆上插頭都是裝在一整片2公分厚的鋁板上。我想這不但美觀還可以減低牆壁的震動干擾。
在這麼大的空間裡,沒有特別的裝潢就搭配上Burmester 系統,真的是非常好看。Burmester 器材總是有一種斯文,高雅和華麗的氣質。
當然提到Burmester 的美,我想大家第一就會想到Burmester 的特殊鍍鉻。這鍍鉻的技術堪稱世界第一。音響工藝我們見多了,鍍金,鍍銀,鍍鉻,鍍銠都看過不少。可是電鍍可以和Burmester 相比的真的找不出來。它那如鏡面般潔白無暇的面板,正是Burmester 的正字標記。這完美的鍍鉻也不會因為時間或是潮濕而退色。我就見過一個朋友他的二十年高齡的Burmester機器,它的面板確實就和全新一樣。
不過聽總代理 Robb Neimann 說老師傅有傳人。在德國還是保持著師徒的傳統,他的大徒弟聽說已經和他學藝二十年了。聽說如果您問老師傅這大徒弟何時可以勝任一切工作。 老師傅會當著大徒弟的面說他還要再學五年 ! 我想這位學了二十年的大徒弟應該已經不年青了吧。這也許是老師傅的玩笑話,不過這也告訴我們,無論是Burmester還是這位老師傅,是多麼的重視Burmester 的品質。

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