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Products - Furutech
Product Brand : Furutech
Product Name : Monza LP Stabilizer
Product Genre :
Condition : NEW

The beautifully finished precision machined nonmagnetic stainless steel base and top modules are separated by a layer of damping carbon fiber. The bottom surface is covered with 16 concentric cushioning grooves made of an extremely effective Piezo Electric damping material. It was developed for the Innovations award-winning FI-50 connector series.

In that "active technology" system Furutech engineers created a unique material comprised of nano-sized ceramic particles and powdered carbon. Nano-ceramics couple with carbon powder create the piezo effect. Nylon and fiberglass are added in the connector, and the whole forms an extremely effective mechanically and electrically damped matrix. Piezoelectric effects are the key. The nano-polycrystalline ferroelectric ceramic particles exhibit electro-generative properties (mechanical pressure creates an electrical charge) and the carbon powder exhibits thermal-conductive characteristics. The mechanical and electrical damping effects occur while "interconverting" thermal, mechanical, and electrical energy."

  Furutech Monza LP Stabilizer
Price (MSRP)  
CAD 643.00
USD 453.32

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