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Products - Amplifier / Pre-amplifier - Multi-Channel Amplifier
Product Brand : Naim
Product Name : CI-NAP 108 8-channel power amplifier
Product Genre : Amplifier / Pre-amplifier
Condition : NEW

The CI-NAP 108 is an 8-channel power amplifier designed to be the perfect complement to an integrated audio installation, in particular Focal in-wall hi-fi speakers. When combined with the CI-Uniti 102, it can be used to address several speakers in different rooms or amplify eight separate audio streams thanks to its local inputs for each amplified channel. It is the ultimate amplification solution for a system synonymous with uncompromising power and sound quality.

Performance and flexibility

Easy, quick and discreet to install (rack-mount), the CI-NAP 108 allows vast listening areas to be covered thanks to its 8 available channels, without compromising Naim's signature audio quality - world-class sound. Local inputs also enable 8 different streams to be separated, for even greater flexibility.

Together with the CI-Uniti 102 streamer and amplifier and the CI-NAP 101 mono and 70V/100V line amplifier, it represents the very best in Naim electronics dedicated to integrated audio (for the home, retail outlets, boats...) but also as a complement to audio-video processors to combine sound quality and power.


  CI-NAP 108 8-channel power amplifier
Price (MSRP)  
CAD 3899.00 Special Order
USD 2865.77

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