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Products - Amplifier / Pre-amplifier - Amplifier
Product Brand : Goldmund
Product Name : Telos 3500+ Reference Power amplifier
Product Genre : Amplifier / Pre-amplifier
Condition : NEW

Delivering 3500 Watts RMS with the lowest distortion figure ever measured, the Goldmund Telos 3500+ is the best and most spectacular power amplifier currently delivered by Goldmund, directly inspired by the famous limited series Telos 5000. Like its illustrious predecessor, it can drive any loudspeaker with true ease, providing an incredibly powerful sound. But with a few more years of refinement, its improved sonic delicacy makes it totally unique.

The Telos 3500+ circuitry is the latest enhancement of our 30-year old circuit that made quite a few generations of audiophiles consider Goldmund the Master of Power Amplifier design. Several R&D developers have painstakingly added layers of subtle evolution to this schematic building one of the longest continuity stories in the Audio design art.

The comfort brought by the Telos 3500+ multiple safety features makes it not only a work of art but also a comfortable companion to music lovers able to drive any ultra high end speaker system. And the Human Interface is so simple and safe, that the Telos 3500+ is now considered the most luxury-oriented product of the Goldmund family.

The hard brass structure and the subtlety of the traditional Goldmund metal finish applied to the aluminum external surfaces make the Telos 3500+ a sculpture more than an amplifier. The first proud owners all decided to make them highly visible, positioning them as a work of art in their decoration.

With its extreme sophistication and price, the Telos 3500+ will unavoidably become one of the most valuable collectibles among privileged audiophile collectors and music lovers.


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