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Products - Amplifier / Pre-amplifier - Amplifier
Product Brand : Nagra
Product Name : HD AMP statement power amplifier
Product Genre : Amplifier / Pre-amplifier
Condition : NEW

The Nagra HD AMP was designed for ultimate high-end systems that are able to reproduce the music realistically. The HD AMP are mono amplifiers, they can drive the most demanding speakers and transcend their performance.

The HD AMP came from the need of bringing Nagra signature transparency into more powerful amplifiers to accommodate yet larger rooms and larger speakers.


Power   250 W RMS per channel into 8 Ω
    30 W pure class A
    1000 W RMS on lower impedance
Sensitivity   1 V or 2 V RMS
Bandwidth   0 Hz to 120 KHz, +0/-0.5 dB
Crosstalk   Not related for mono amplifiers
Signal-to-noise ratio   Typically 110 dB
    ASA “A” weighted
THD+N   < 0.03%
Input type   XLR balanced
    RCA unbalanced
Input impedance   88 KΩ on balanced input
    t44 kΩ on unbalanced input
DC filter   Toggle switch allows to cut the DC of incoming signals
Protection,   Overheating > +70° C (158° F)
Remote in and out   1/8″ jacks in and out can trigger the amplifier on or off from a Nagra MPS or a home automation system
 Power cord    IEC C19 this is not the standard IEC but a larger 20A plug



    Nagra modulometer, precision measurement tool
    Clipping LED
    Intensity can be adjusted, from off to full bright



Consumption   1200 W max
    less than 1 W in standby and Auto mode
Weight   56 Kg (123.4 lb) each unit
Size   Width 23.8 x Height  64.4 x Deepness 54.2 cm (9.3 x 25.3 x 21.3″)
Operating range   90 – 110 V or 110 -132 V or 180 – 264 V a.c.
    50 – 60 Hz


We only sell Nagra in our store; price is for reference only

  Nagra HD Amplifiers (mono pair)
Price (MSRP)  
CAD 124500.00 Special Order
USD 91507.50

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