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Product Brand :
Product Name : Finite Elemente Pagode Edition rack with heavy duty option (DEMO)
Product Genre : Pre-owned Audio
Condition : PRE-OWNED

We are selling our demo Finite Elemente Pagode Edition rack.

The pagode edition stands out with its well thoughtout design based on solid wooden frames in Canadian maple, highly damped absorber shelves and the tried-and-tested pagode sidespike technology. A new dimension in music reproduction can however be truly experienced thanks to the revolutionary Resonator Technology, exclusively applied in the audio furniture sector by finite elemente and developed in co-operation with Prof. Dr. Borchert of the University of Applied Sciences in Dortmund. Precision in detail, transparency in the dynamics and an incomparable vivid musicality are the impressive results of this consistent research.

The new "pagode° edition" is a further successful step in the well-established tradition of finite elemente.  A "Resonator" is a miniature component where its own natural frequency is designed for the excitation frequency or system natural frequency. By integrating or adapting a "resonator" vibration amplitudes caused by the walls in technical systems, which can be excited by air-borne or solid-borne noise, can be clearly reduced. A great deal of the kinetic energy - with self-excitation up to 90%, with constrained excitation up to 70% - is converted silently into heat by the "Resonator" due to its relatively small sound radiation surface.

Six resonator types (220 Hz, 486 Hz, 512 Hz, 550 Hz, 670 Hz and 882 Hz.) are distributed in two possible variations across the whole rack.  Each wooden frame is fitted with four resonators to ensure a linearised natural resonance behaviour. The coupling of the shelves is effected using height-adjustable cone-shaped spikes.

The rack is 24 inch tall.  It also comes with 4 Cerabase ($1000 USD value)  Each shelf has a usable flat surface: 20.5" x 18.5".  The top shelf has heavy duty option installed ($2000 USD value) with five Cera-put support.  The top and bottom shelf can each handle 100 kg, while the middle shelf can handle 100 lb.

  Finite Elemente Pagode Edition rack with heavy duty option (DEMO)
Price (MSRP)  
CAD 6500.00 SOLD
USD 4777.50

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