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Products - Cable - Interconnect
Siltech - Empress Double Crown interconnect

op of the line with Singature Crown Mono Cry...

MSRP 29299.36 CAD 23000.00 USD
MSRP 13375.80 CAD 10500.00 USD
Siltech - Triple Crown interconnect

Top of the line with Singature Crown Mono Cr...

MSRP 38216.56 CAD 30000.00 USD
MSRP 15286.62 CAD 12000.00 USD
Vertere Acoustics - D-Fi interconnect cable

Similar to the Pulse D-Fi Tonearm Cable, Pulse D-Fi stereo Analogue Interconnect Cable is configured int...

MSRP 325.00 CAD 255.13 USD
Vertere Acoustics - RedLine Interconnect cable

MSRP 995.00 CAD 781.08 USD
Vertere Acoustics - Pulse-R interconnect cable

Developed from Vertere’s benchmark Pulse-HB cable, Pulse-R Analog...

MSRP 4550.00 CAD 3571.75 USD
Vertere Acoustics - Pulse HB interconnect cable

For all stereo interconnect applications, both Line Level and Pre Out, Vertere Pulse-HB Hand-built Analogue Interconnect Cable is the a...

MSRP 10495.00 CAD 8238.58 USD
Crystal Cable - CrystalConnect Special GEM

Crystal Cable's Special Series CrystalConnect cables are made of high purity OFC coppe...

MSRP 400.00 CAD 314.00 USD
MSRP 550.00 CAD 431.75 USD
MSRP 150.00 CAD 117.75 USD
Crystal Cable - CrystalConnect Piccolo

The Piccolo Diamond is our most affordable yet very often awarded series. The 1.5 mm thin interconnect has a solid silver-gold core, hel...

MSRP 550.00 CAD 431.75 USD
MSRP 1050.00 CAD 824.25 USD
MSRP 500.00 CAD 392.50 USD
Crystal Cable - CrystalConnect Micro
The Micro Diamond is one step up from our most affordable cable, the Piccolo. It is equal to the Piccolo with the exception of the thi...
MSRP 850.00 CAD 667.25 USD
MSRP 1550.00 CAD 1216.75 USD
MSRP 700.00 CAD 549.50 USD
Crystal Cable - CrystalConnect Reference

The Reference Diamond is equal to its siblings with the exception of the thickness: 2.9 mm  for the interconnect. It has a solid ...

MSRP 2650.00 CAD 2080.25 USD
MSRP 4400.00 CAD 3454.00 USD
MSRP 1750.00 CAD 1373.75 USD
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