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Products - Pre-owned Audio - Analog
Naim Aro with armboard base (USED)

Up for sale is a brand new Naim Aro tonearm.

This tonearm was mounted on an Avid turntable by the Gramaphone, Edmon...

MSRP 2100.00 CAD 1606.50 USD
Benz Micro LP-S MR (USED)

We have a Benz Micro LP-S MR (Micro Ridge) cartridge for sale.  

The owner got it two years ago, but doesn...

MSRP 3000.00 CAD 2295.00 USD
Rega RP-8 with Dynavector 20X2 and Rega Aria (USED)

We ha...

MSRP 2200.00 CAD 1683.00 USD
MSRP 600.00 CAD 459.00 USD
MSRP 1000.00 CAD 765.00 USD
Rega RP3 (pre-owned)

Up for sale is a customer trade in RP3 with Ely2 cartridge.  It was purchased from us several years ago; one owner.

MSRP 800.00 CAD 612.00 USD
VPI Avenger turntable (DEMO)

We are selling our demo VPI Avenger turntable.  It's in MINT condition.

It'll come with one 3D ...

MSRP 7500.00 CAD 5737.50 USD
VPI Typhoon 27 record cleaning machine (USED)

We have a customer trade-in VPI HW-27 Typhoon record cleaning machine.  We were told by the customer that it&#...

MSRP 1830.07 CAD 1400.00 USD
Linn Akito tonearm (USED)

We have a customer trade in Linn Akito tonearm.  

Tonearm is in good working condition.  The K5 cartri...

MSRP 350.00 CAD 267.75 USD
Clearaudio Innovation Compact (USED)

Up fo...

MSRP 4500.00 CAD 3442.50 USD
ARC Reference phono 2 SE (USED)

Up fo...

MSRP 9000.00 CAD 6885.00 USD
VPI Traveler 2 (USED)

Up for sale is a VPI Traveler 2 in excellent condition.  It comes with Ortofon 2m RED cartridge, brand new belt and fully service...

MSRP 1100.00 CAD 841.50 USD
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PRE-OWNED - Luxman 505 mk2 integrated (USED - Japanese model)
PRE-OWNED - Naim CDX2 CD player (USED)
PRE-OWNED - Phasemation PP-1000 MC cartridge (demo)
PRE-OWNED - Naim XPS power supply (USED)
PRE-OWNED - Cambridge CXN v2 (USED)
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